081308 SolidSafety Chem MaxGrip chemial protection glove

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Item number: 081308

The SolidSafety Chem MaxGrip is a chemical glove that boasts a very long resistance to many different chemicals. In addition, the glove is very comfortable. The unique HPT coating (using Hydropellent Technology, which produces the lotus effect) repels liquids, keeping them off the palm to ensure good grip in wet or dry conditions. The features of the SolidSafety Chem MaxGrip help reduce accidents caused by the insufficient grip of a protective glove. The glove’s design and its flexible coating make for effortless, ergonomic working.

Quality features

  • EN 388 (Level 4131X)
  • EN 374-1/Type A (test chemicals: AKLMPT)
  • EN 374-5 (bacteria, fungi)
  • EN 420
  • Food approval currently under review
  • PPE Category III according to PPE Regulation
    (EU) 2016/425

Sanitized ® design!

Treated with an antimicrobial substance – ensuring permanent hygienic protection from bacteria colonisation and multiplication, and from mould (which is the cause of unwanted smells, stains, and material fatigue). Combining freshness, comfort, and material protection!

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